Intensify Solar LLC is newly formed company dedicated to producing high quality, long life, passive, Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC) for the photovoltaic market. Our technology greatly reduces the cost of energy produced by photovoltaic cells.

Intensify Solar LLC is currently working with manufacturers of completed photovoltaic systems to cut the cost of  solar panels in half.


Intensify Solar LLC is dedicated to making high quality, long life, passive  Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC) to greatly reduce the cost of energy produced by photovoltaic cells.

Our Luminescent Solar Concentrator (LSC)  applies how light is concentrated in green leaves to photovoltaic cells, creating high efficiency dyes that resist photo-bleaching.

Our Product

LSC Technology

Our luminescent solar concentrator technology captures sunlight through a fluorescent material and concentrates the light on an edge so that it appears to be “glowing”. The light captured through our material reemits in a way to capture it by total internal reflection in a matrix to concentrate the light on a small edge.

Similar technology exists, but has failed commercially because photo-bleaching would occur within a few months (organic dyes) or only have 30% florescent effciency (robust in-organic dyes).

Our luminescent solar concentrator technology solves these problems using high efficiency (>98%) dyes that resist photo-bleaching.  One LSC device is now over 15 years old and still operating at high efficiency.  Also, optical quality of plastic has improved and the dyes have much less re-adsorption.

Benefits – Luminescent Solar Concentrated Photovoltaic Power

  • Reduced cost of power produced
  • LSC does not lose efficiency with angle of incident light
  • Captures and converts energy on a cloudy day at the same efficiency as a sunny day, at dawn,  dusk, or high noon.  This is because the LSC’s constrained geometry matches to the photovoltaic cell
  • Increases consistency of day in, day out power

Benefits -The Photovoltaic Cell

  • The cell is protected from the elements, dust, sleet, hail etc. The relatively inexpensive plastic collector is the only portion exposed to the elements.  The photo voltaic cell receives a higher flux of light spectrum best matched to its highest conversion efficiency.  The IR light is not delivered to the cell so that even though it receives more light, there is less heating and heat related efficiency drop.
  • The photovoltaic cell captures and coverts to energy only a portion of the solar spectrum leaving light that can be further utilized. This creates a larger footprint of a LSC-PV installation but allows for increased applications.  A dual purpose solar energy/conventional farm would benefit in that the ground would not be completely shaded and capable of growing lower light crops and pasture for livestock.
  • Design of LSC panels allows easy replacement of LSC panels in the event of a major storm and allows for simple and rapid upgrades as technology develops to the target of a 30 yr working life. The relatively low cost LSC panels are designed to be replaceable as they photo bleach.

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